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My favorite project this semester was definitely the Adobe Illustrator tutorials. I enjoyed these specifically because of the bunny rabbit tutorial. That was literally the hardest thing I have ever created on the computer but once I was finished I was truly proud of my work. My rabbit came out better than the guy’s did on his tutorial. My favorite project we did was our final video project. I enjoyed this project particularly because it kind of culminated our whole semester’s work and ideas into one final piece of art. I chose to use my audio story to inspire the work you see in my final video story. i used a lot of the editing techniques that I had learned from the various tutorials throughout the semester to put together my whole entire final video story. I think the techniques and ideas that I used to put together the story made it into a great piece of work. I was very nervous starting the final video project because I did not think I would do a good job, but once I really dove into it and starting thinking of great ideas and concepts to add to my story, it came together perfectly.  I learned a lot about graphic design and audio/video editing. I could use this in the future when I need to design something for work or my personal life.

I plan on pursuing a career path in marketing/public relations. This class did not influence my choice but definitely help reassure myself in that path. I do not think there are any skills that I wish was taught in this course. I found the most useful websites and information were located within the Com210 wordpress and it’s tutorials.

I really enjoyed this course and would definitely recommend it to friends who are interested in a career in graphic design!

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