Final Video Story

This is my final edit for my Animals video story. It is a very more professional version of my video story draft. I also added some more content to give it a little more entertainment!  My first draft was just one take, which made it pretty easy to edit, but on my final draft, I cut up the video and added some nice transitions in between! I am so very happy with who my final product turned out. I was a little nervous it would not turn out as good as I had hoped because editing videos is sometimes really difficult. I did get pretty frustrated a few times while making the final draft but the internet and tutorials were very helpful and I found some step by step instructions on youtube for certain problems.

I got some really great critiques from my peers that helped me a lot. Some of the people said that I needed to flip my video (or mirror it) so that my drawings with words on them could be read the correct direction. This took me awhile to figure out how to do but I finally did. All you had to do was put the clip on iMovie, click effects and then click mirror! Also people wanted me to add some more content to the story. For this issue, I added an introduction to my final video story and added a clip with my pet hedgehog, Pablo. I think that by adding these two extra clips, it makes my video seem more professional and really fun and entertaining with my hedgehog!

I also added a sort of “theme” to my video and transitions. It looks like it is a photo album, flipping from picture (or memory) to picture. I chose this because the story is about my experiences with animals in my life and how they impacted me. This is exactly what a photo album does!

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