Video Story Draft

My video story, of course, is about animals and how they have affected my life. Animals have been so important to my life growing up and many of my life decisions have been made because of them. My story starts with me talking about how I grew up next to the biggest zoo in Washington and how I went to the zoo every week to learn about all the animals I could. Next I talk about how I volunteered at a vet clinic and helped sick animals get back to great health! That was a very humbling experience.

Those events made me understand how important animals are to humans and that they are very similar to us, sharing a lot of the same feelings, emotions and needs. Once I got home from my first year at college I knew where I wanted to get my summer job. I worked at that zoo the I grew up right next door to, the Woodland Park Zoo. That was so much fun because whenever I was on my lunch break I was able to explore the zoo and interact with the animals. My favorite animals I got to see all the time were the gorillas, jaguars and kangaroos.

The video making process was relatively simple. I was able to do the whole video in one take (after a few re-dos) which allowed me to save time by not have to cut clips together so it flows nicely! The drawing was fun because I haven’t done that in awhile so it was a pretty cool experience. I think the best way to share my experience with animals is through images so my video came together nicely! I look forward to hearing everyones comments and ideas about how to make my final video even better! Enjoy!

Animal Video Story Script

I have always loved animals and here are some points in my life where animals were exciting

1-I grew up right next to the Woodland Park zoo. We had a season pass every year so I could go whenever I wanted to which probably led to my love of animals.

2-The best part about being able to visit the zoo all the time was that I got to learn about all the not so popular types of animals like birds and frogs!

3-Once I got a little older I volunteered at a veterinary clinic helping sick animals back to health! We mostly saw dogs and cats but occasionally we got more exotic animals.

4-When I got back from my first year of college I knew exactly where I wanted to work for my summer job. I started working in the membership office at the Woodland Park Zoo.

5-The best part of working at the zoo was my lunch and breaks where I was able to go walk around and learn about the behind the scenes animal stuff. My favorite animals were the gorillas and kangaroos!

6-Next summer I am off to Thailand to volunteer at a elephant sanctuary! I am so excited!

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