AI Logo Draft

This is my Adobe Illustrator design logo rough draft. It represents my overall class subject of “Animals” and how they are very important to me. My inspiration for this logo design was the Woodland Park Zoo, which is a zoo in Seattle, Washington, where I work in the summer and winter. Going into more depth about my logo, I put both a sun and clouds in my logo because, especially this summer, the zoo was so much fun rain-or-shine. The zoo sits on 70+ acres of land, which is why I added the trees. The pathway in the middle is leading to the zoo as if the zoo was “the light at the end of the tunnel.” I put a thick black border around the image with the words “The Woodland Park Zoo” around it WPZLogobecause I felt it made it look clean and sleek kind of like the BMW logo. When thinking about how to make my logo, I think the article found at was the most helpful to me. My logo follows many basic design principles. For example it has use of space, form, consistency and clarity. My coloring is very unique which I think makes it personal and cool looking. The logo is also very functional and would look good on any color background in my opinion. The Logo represents the company greatly because the zoo was all about the outdoors and nature and one can see that immediately in my logo. My background is very unique because I used a blend of blue and brown which I faded together using the gradient tool. I used blue for a nice sky color, which blends, into the brown which represents a natural ground color. I hope everyone enjoyed my design draft and I look forward to hearing all of your feedback!

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2 Responses to AI Logo Draft

  1. Hey Spiral,
    Nice job on your logo, it’s looking pretty good so far. I really liked how you used the gradient effect for the background of the picture. The brown fading to the blue sky has a nice effect on the scenery for this logo. I also like the black outline with the “Woodland Park Zoo” around it, which clearly identifies your topic. I have a couple suggestions for you to improve your logo. First, I noticed that the trees are a bit off centered from the circles below them. A simple move to center them by using the selection and move tools will make them look more on point. Also, the path in the middle is kind of hard to identify as a path leading to the zoo. Maybe you could make the path a yellowish or red color and use the pen tool to add a brick effect to make it look more like an actual path. You could also leave the gray path if you want but just use the pen tool to add cracks in the stone path. Other than that, it looks great, nice job on your logo.


  2. calvinbright says:

    You have a great start! I really like your design with the circular logo with the symmetrical trees and clouds. I also like your use of color in the logo, which makes it stand out. I think you need to adjust/add some things to make it even better. First, I think you should incorporate some animals into your design. I know it will be hard but since it is a zoo I feel like there should be wildlife. Second, you should add a Seattle skyline or something to signify that the zoo is in the city. And finally, I think you need to add more detail to everything. The trees could have more texture as well as the sun and clouds. You have a great start and I’m excited to see how the final product turns out.


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