Draft Graphic Collage


This is my draft graphic collage for my topic I will be covering this year: Animals. I chose this topic because of my love for animals and experience working at the Woodland Park Zoo. My collage has various pictures of my favorite animals at the zoo which I worked at. The only picture I used from someone else was the picture of the otters which I used from the Woodland Park Zoo’s Instagram account.

When thinking about what my collage should look like, I decided I did not want it to be a messy collage which pictures overlapping. I wanted it to have a clean, balanced look so each picture could be appreciated equally. I used various tools for editing my pictures from the tutorials we did this past week. I used the levels, curves, hue/saturation, black & white tools and much more in order to get the correct colors to pop out and to get a fun look at these animals. Using these elements help contribute to my narrative because it helps show how beautiful and fun animals can be. This allows me to share my passion and spark interest in others when it comes to animals which hopefully will help animals by having more people appreciating them and helping conserve them.

In the collage itself, I used a red background to make the pictures pop out and evenly spaced the pictures apart to give t a clean and ascetically pleasing design. I used text boxes to show each type of animal. I used black font for each picture to keep it consistent and placed the text in areas where they would stand out most. My favorite pictures in the collage are the ones of the bears and the elephants. In these pictures I used the black & white element, then recolored the animals which give the images a 3D like feel with the colors bursting from the black & white background.

Citations: Otter Picture -Woodland Park Zoo Instagram Account (@WoodlandParkZoo)

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4 Responses to Draft Graphic Collage

  1. armani15 says:

    I really like the fact that you used a different theme than everyone else. I do think that it would be beneficial to your collage if you added some photos of yourself also with the animals or even just at the zoo. I do like the pictures that you used very vivid and detailed. You could possibly add some effects to the photos to make the animals stand out a little bit more. I think that overall that would make your collage look a lot better. I would also consider changing some of the angles of the photos so that you can jazz it up a little bit. I would also change the color of the font and make it larger so that it stands out more. Another possibility would be to enlarge the photos of the animals so that the audience can have a closer view of what the animals actually look like. I really like the direction you are going with this though.


  2. brookelynngraditi says:

    I admire how unique your collage is! It’s really cool that you worked at a zoo and have such a passion for animals. The collage is different because it is about one specific topic that is very special to you. The photos are all awesome. I might suggest taking out the names of the animals, because they are all well-known. A quote or something about animals could work (if you wanted to use text). Also, the background color could be animal print!
    I love it how it is, though. Good job! The editing on the photos is really well done.


  3. eringosseen says:

    I love your collage and I love that your topic is all about animals! Working in a zoo seems amazing and you really did a great job of incorporating that experience into your collage! I like that you have decided to keep your layout very simple and clean so that the emphasis remains on the animals. I think that the borders and names of the animals might not be needed because the pictures speak for themselves. But I really like it the way it is and think you did a great job with the editing! Good job!


  4. kylegates says:

    I think you did a good job on your collage. I like the style of it and how it is different from others. I like the red border. It does a good job of making the pictures standout. I like how you cited which hone was from online because these all look so professional I can not tell which is yours and which is from online. I can see the pictures are edited and they look very nice. The theme of your blog is clear through these pictures. One thing I would suggest changing is maybe taking the words out of the collage or possibly change the colors a little more on each picture individually. Even without these changes I think overall the collage was done very well and clear that you spent time on it. Sorry this post is so late, I have had some technical problems with my laptop.


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